• LLOYD L358SD 5.1Chanel Blutooth Speaker Home Theatre 300W Black

    Sold By: Musty’s global

    Powerful Output 300W, thunderous audio experience It’s time to get the party started, Pump up your audio experience with 300 Watts of booming beats. Take your party up to the next level. Double up for even more fun. Enjoy twice the power from twice the speakers with FIVE WIRED connection together. Auto DJ, Put your party an automatic Let the system take over with Auto DJ while you get your groove on. Karaoke Star, be the lead singer. Almost any track can become a Karaoke track by simply removing the vocals at the push of a button. Change the songs key to match your own. AMANI Bluetooth , control with your mobile. Take control of the party remotely from your mobile device. Select the tracks and add effects from the dance floor. Multi Jukebox, build a playlist with your friends. Up to 3 Mobile devices can be connected by Bluetooth to create, manage and add to your playlist. Let your friends joins the fun. Auto Music Play, music the follows you. A system that can sense your mobile device. Send audio directly to your system with ease. Bluetooth Stand-by, wake up your audio on demand. Kick off the party without delay. Even when music is sent via Bluetooth to the sleeping system, the unit wakes up to start the party. USB, play

  • Sedge Black Bluetooth Earphone (with Over 8 Hours Of Battery-life)

    Sold By: Musty’s global

    Sedge E1 Bluetooth wireless earphone is another quality product from Seven Points Clothing Ltd, with over eight hours of battery-life. It comes with a USB charger. Sedge E1 has an excellent sound system that is suitable for all kinds of music. It enables you to easily change tracks with the earphone, while listening to music. It also enables you to increase or decrease volume using the earphone.
    Sedge E1 also supports making and receiving phone calls, with an excellent audio that allows you to hear the other person clearly. The earphone was designed in way that the other person can also hear you clearly during calls. Sedge 1E has the capability to tell the phone numbers of incoming calls. When connected to a phone in your pocket, handbag, or elsewhere, you can accept calls by using the earphone button. The earphone was designed for maximum comfort and ease of use.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Headset – Gold

    Sold By: Musty’s global

    Supports Faster Pairing with One or two bluetooth devices at one time.
    Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.
    Durable battery performances 15 hours of talk time, 12 hours of music and 500 hours of standby with a full charge.

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